Drontal Pet Wormers

We stock a range of pet wormers including Drontal dog wormer and drontal cat wormer tablets and drontal puppy wormer. We also have panacur dog and cat wormer available.

Drontal Cat Wormer

Drontal Cat Wormers

There are two Drontal wormers for cats:

Drontal Cat Tablets
Drontal Cat XL Tablets

Both will tackle every type of intestinal worm your cat is ever likely to get, and both will do so with a single dose, and without having to starve your cat first. The only difference is that Cat XL Tablets are specially formulated for cats of 6kg and over, so that most big cats can be treated with a single tablet.

drontal dog wormers

Drontal Dog Wormers

There are three Drontal wormers for dogs:

Drontal Plus Flavour
For 15 years, Drontal Plus has been overwhelmingly the vet''''''''s first-choice wormer, prescribed well over twice as often as all other wormers put together.

But now, it has been succeeded by NEW Drontal Plus Flavour - the same power, the same effectiveness, but now with an appetising chicken flavour.

Like all Drontal tablets, it works with a single dose, and can be given with or without food. In fact it still gives you all the advantages of Drontal Plus. But for dogs, the new chicken flavour makes it less like a treatment, and more like a treat.

Drontal Plus XL
Because a St. Bernard may weigh 20 times more than a Chihuahua, for example, worming big dogs used to require as many as 6 tablets. Not any more! With Drontal Plus XL, you can worm a 35 kg dog with just one tablet.

Drontal Puppy Suspension
see below

drontal puppy suspension

Drontal Puppy Suspension

Unweaned puppies are hardly ever infected with tapeworms, but they are particularly at risk from roundworms, transmitted both via their mother''''''''s milk and from other pups in the litter.

That''''''''s why puppies should be wormed every fortnight, up to 12 weeks of age. And with its highly palatable, easily administered liquid formulation, Drontal Puppy Suspension is ideal.


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