Equimax is one of the most recognised and well known horse worming products available. This is due to its continued success in controlling both the adult and immature forms of roundworms, tapeworms and lungworms. Equimax is administered via a syringe which makes using Equimax easy and hassle free.

The best time to administer Equimax is at the beginning and the end of the grazing season because this is the most likely time that a horse can develop a worm problem. Therefore Green''''s Farm Supplies is well prepared for the surge in demand for Equimax at these points in the year and we make sure that we have ample supplies.

Equimax has also been extensively tested on foals, mares and stallions and have not reported any abnormalities or side effects when using the product. You can be assured that Equimax is a safe product which will not harm your horse but will help to keep them fit and strong throughout its lifetime.

If you are unsure of the correct dosage of Equimax for your equine do not hesitate to ask any of our helpful and friendly staff. With years of experience in the field of supplying products for equines and many types of animals we will be able to recommend the correct Equimax product for you.

As we sell a great deal of this product we can offer discounted prices when this product is bought in bulk. Our special deals can keep your horse healthy and save you money at the same time.


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