Cat Toys & Treats

Cat Toys & Treats

Cat toys and a selection of cat treat are available.

Cat Wormers

Cat Wormers

We stock drontal cat wormer and panacur cat wormer. It has been estimated that 6 out of 10 cats in the UK have worms at any one time. It isn't always easy to tell if your cat has worms. It is important cat worming is on a regular basis to stop them becoming ill or passing worms to humans.

Cattle Bolus Applicators

Cattle bolus applicator guns for worm boluses, copper boluses & more- Bolus guns available for Tracesure, Autoworm & Panacur Boluses

Cattle Feed

At certain times of year it may be necessary to feed cattle, if they are brough indoors or if there is a shortage of grass and we have a range of cattle feed available to cater for this. We also have a range of cattle feed available for youngstock that are growing and require hard feed as they are weaned off milk.

Cattle Fly Product Applicators

Cattle fly product applicators for Spot-on, Flypor, Swish, Dysect & more

Cattle Injection Guns

Cattle injection guns are available for injection wormers & lice and mage products some of which include Ivomec Super, Qualimec & Noromectin

Cattle Minerals & Buckets

Cattle minerals including general purpose free access minerals, salt blocks plus Mag, GP, Zinc & Dry Cow buckets

Cattle Pour-On Gun 30ml
Cattle Pour-On Gun 30ml
Cattle 30ml pour-on applicator for use with various products e.g. flypor, Norofas Includes plastic tubing.

£20.00 + VAT

Cattle Pour-On Wormer/Drench Guns

Try and use the correct applicator gun when worming cattle- We have pour-on applicatos and hook drench guns available.

Cattle Supplements

Cattle Supplements

We have a range of cattle supplements including vitamin drenches, copper & mag boluses & more

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