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Verm-X is a 100% natural herbal blend created to assist in the removal of all known internal parasites. Verm-X is available for chickens & poultry, horses, pigs and many other animals. The main benefit to using Verm-X as a control of internal parasites is that there is no withdrawal period as the blend is 100% natural.


Verm-X Products are either based on a recipe of 11 different herbs produced either as a dry blend or a macerated tincture. Verm-X is the ideal product to use if you only have a few animals or if you are concerned about withdrawal periods on other products or if you are wishing to explore a natural way of repelling internal parasites.


Why choose Verm-X?

  • Verm-X products are acknowledged by the soil association for use on organic farms.
  • Verm-X products are made from unadulterated, non GM, natural ingerdients.
  • Verm-X is gentle to the digestive system therfore ideal for senior animals.
  • Verm-X is highly palatable and has no know resistance.





Verm-X for Poultry

Buy Verm-X for poultry. Verm-X for poultry is available in a liquid or pellet and there is NO withdrawal period on the eggs.

Verm-X for Horses

Buy Verm-X for horses. Verm-X for horses is available from us in a pellet form.

Verm-X for Pigs

Buy Verm-X for pigs. Verm-x for pigs is available as a pellet.


For more information on Verm-X or for Verm-X not found on our website please contact us as we can order it for you.

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