Puppy Food

A puppy can bring a lot of joy and happiness into a household but is important to make sure that a puppy gets the nutrition that it needs. Normally a puppy grows up to twenty times faster than a normal older dog so choosing the right puppy food needs careful thought.

We have many different types of puppy food to suit many breeds of puppy. From dry foods to meats to biscuits to treats, nearly every single type of puppy food is available at Green's Farm Supplies.

The well known slogan of a dog is life, not just for Christmas is important when considering what puppy food to choose. To get your puppy off to the best possible start in life knowing which puppy food is the most suitable will let your puppy grow up stronger, happier and healthier.

We all know that puppies like to bound about and cause some mischief! A young excitable puppy therefore has a higher metabolism than older dogs and needs feeding more regularly. To accommodate this need puppy food is normally smaller to suit a puppy's smaller stomach but it is important to bear in mind that a puppy requires feeding more regularly than older dogs.

The puppy food we supply takes all of these needs into consideration. We have puppy food to suit a whole range of breeds and can always recommend a brand if you are unsure. Part of our success is due to our extensive knowledge of animal nutrition and welfare so our friendly and helpful staff will be more than happy to assist with any puppy food queries.


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