Milk Powders

Our new range of lamb and calf milk powder is now available to buy online.

There are a numerous rearing systems, each requiring different types of powder to in order to maximise growth rates whilst providing value for money.

Calf Milk Powder

Calf Milk Powder

Our 'Shine' range of Calf Milk Powder is high quality and easy to mix- Made by Bonanza Calf Nutrition who have created the only milk replacer to look after their long-term health and your long-term wealth

Lamb Milk Powder

Lamb Milk Powder

Lamb milk powder is designed supplement mothers milk when in short supply or for use in orphan lambs- Our range of lamb milk powders are easy to mix and high quality

Lamb and Calf Colostrum

Lamb Colostrum and Calf Colostrum Replacer

Our lamb colostrum and calf colostrum powder is high quality and designed to supplement or replace maternal colostrum when in short supply


Electrolytes are an essential supplement in treating animals following periods of digestive upsets.

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more information on electrolytes

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