Marriage's Layers Pellets with added FLUBENVET WORMER

Marriage's Farmyard Layers Pellets Plus Flubenvet is a medicated complete feed for laying hens. Worm your chickens the easy way! No need to buy wormer separately.

As a medicated feed there will be a limited use by date on all bags of approx. 1 month or less.

Marriage''s Layers Pellets with added FLUBENVET WORMER
PLEASE NOTE: This medicated premixture can only be supplied to domestic keepers of poultry i.e. a person who keeps poultry on domestic premises, for feeding
on those premises, non-food producing birds, or birds kept purely for private domestic consumption. If meat or eggs are sold by the poultry keeper, even farm gate sales, then the user of the premixture must be an approved manufacturer of medicated feedingstuffs- find out more. Please choose the relevant option from the drop down menu.

If you are approved as Manufacturer of Medicated Feedingstuffs, by the VMD''s Animal Medicines Inspectorate (AMI) we will contact you for more details so please make sure we have your correct telephone number.

 Feeding Instructions

Feed in replace of ordinary layers pellets for 7 days. Withdraw feed 7 days before slaughter. NO EGG WITHDRAWAL. Marriage''s Layers pellets with added flubenvet will have a maximum of 60 days shelf life and in many cases much less.

Typical Analysis

Oil 4% Protein 17% Fibre 4% Ash 11.7% 30mg/kg Flubendazole.

If you prefer to mix flubenvet into feed yourself see flubenvet poultry wormer

PLEASE NOTE: Due to special packing and delivery requirements on bags of medicated feed, ALL bag sizes will be charged at £8.99 delivery.  


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