Drontal Plus Dog Wormer & Drontal Cat Wormer

Buy your dog wormer and cat wormer at Green''s Farm Supplies Ltd! Drontal Plus dog wormer and drontal cat wormeras well as panacur wormer available.


Buy Drontal dog and cat wormer online

Drontal Plus is the leading dog wormer brand and is often the main choice of veterinarians and dog breeders alike. Drontal Plus is a dual prevention product in that it can control and eliminate both tapeworms and roundworms so you know that with Drontal Plus your dog is completely covered.

Puppies especially will benefit from Drontal Plus as their feeding regime does not need to be upset when administering. It is after all very important to get a puppy on a regular stable diet and any changes can upset a puppies digest system very easily. With Drontal Plus that worry is taken away as you can choose the best method to suit your puppy.

We have Drontal Plus available for both older dogs and puppies so that your dog can be worm free no matter its age, type or breed.

We also have Drontal Cat Wormer, Drontal Cat Wormer Tablets will tackle every type of intestinal worm your cat is ever likely to get, and both will do so with a single dose, and without having to starve your cat first.

One of the handy benefits of Drontal Wormer is that it can be administered with or without food making the process much easier for you and your dog or cat. Unlike some products that require you to administer the product directly, you will not need to wrestle with your dog or cat for them to swallow it!

Drontal wormer as also very easy product to administer over time. The most common method is one dose every three months depending on the challange and the dosage depends upon the general weight of the dog or cat. Drontal also covers a large variety of worms which can take care of both adult and late immature form of worms.

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